Sunday, November 1

"GET HYPE!" CHILDREN'S BOOKS **************************************************************

Written and Illustrated By Lena H. Jackson 
 Meet Daisy Perry, a ten year old girl who already knows what she wants in life , and what she wants is to visit Paris, France someday...someday real soon! Daisy takes French classes at her school and believes if she puts her mind to it, she can find a way to get to France on her own; and with a little determination....she just might! 
* This book is intended for children ages 7-12. With it's brightly colorful drawings and poetic style of writing it's a quick but entertaining read for any young boy or girl. It's also a mini French study guide and workbook for those interested in learning the "language of love"!
 $7.50... with CD $10.00

Written and Illustrated By Lena H. Jackson 

This book is more of an activity book with the story centered around our unofficial mascots, the "Get Hype Crew"Meet Anwar, Kiko,Josh,Annabella and Imani, five friends who decide to start their own group on their middle school's campus.
The purpose being to find other like-minded individuals that value hard work in school, sports, team work and are not-about-the-drama!

** Similar in theme and style to the comic book/ workbook "The Team S.T.A.R. Chronicles" , This book is both an activity book as well as the story of how these young people learn to overcome obstacles while striving to do their best!
We recommend it for ages 8 to 13......$7.50 with CD $10.00


The ABC's Of Inspiration 
Written By Kevin Jackson with Lena  H. Jackson, Illustrated By Lena H. Jackson  
This is our first book collaboration and one of our most popular books! From A to Z we have written and illustrated a different affirmation for young readers to aspire to, there's a positive declaration for every letter of the alphabet( helps fight off ' The Haters' ). There's even a "ABC's Of Inspiration" rap song in the back of the book to sing along with the accompanying CD.
** Recommended for ages 3-8 .....$7.50 with CD $10.00

  Me, Tony C. And 1973
Written and Illustrated By Lena H. Jackson 
Take a trip back down my memory lane in this semi-autobiographic tale about me ( Lil' Nell) and the real life best friend of my childhood, Tony C.  The story takes place mostly in the 1970s  and explores the innocence and wonder of platonic friendships and the simple pleasures of childhood  alongside the back drop of an era where the world was quite different and seemingly, more peaceful. * Recommended for ages 5-10 ........$7.50 with CD $10.00

 By Kevin L. Jackson
A  sweet tribute to good daddies everywhere! This book is written from the 'open-letter' perspective of a little boy who wants his father to know just how much he appreciates him. Illustrations include diverse images of father and son duos from all types of backgrounds. * Recommended for ages 3-6......$7.50 / with CD $10.00


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